All Natural, Hemp-based Skincare for the body

Your Skin is Your Body's Largest Organ

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and performs several vital functions.

Skin needs to be cared for daily to keep it healthy and working efficiently, not just beautiful!

Hemp oil and extracts support the immune system, provide antioxidants to keep skin fresh and healthy, reduce inflammation and sensitivity, deeply hydrate and balance oil production as well as encourage homeostasis (balance) through our skin's Cannabinoid receptors.

​Our Products Provide ​Hemp-based Skincare for the Body

​Humankind Skincare's body products are formulated with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract combined with CBD to create extremely powerful anti-inflammatory pain relieving topicals.

Whether you need deep hydration, relief from itchy, irritated skin or fast pain relief, we’ve got you covered!

Skin Nutrition for the Body

Explore Our Entire Line of Hemp-based Body Products

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