Beautiful skin grows from the inside out. If you truly desire healthy, radiant beautiful skin start with excellent nutrition. Most store bought vitamins are not real vitamins at all. All vitamins can only be sourced from nature. When we eat organic food, we are feeding our bodies real vitamins and minerals. I regularly treat my skin to nutritious smoothies.

Want to know how to support your digestive system and grow beautiful skin from the inside out? I love this recipe in the video link and wanted to share this great skin tip with you! Enjoy!!!


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Jennifer Kay Ford is the Founder & Chief Formulator of HumanKind Skincare. As a licensed Neuromuscular therapist, Complex Decongestive Therapist and Esthetician, she has personally treated a range of skin conditions from Radiation burns, Psoriasis, Hyperkeratosis, Cystic Acne etc. This work paved Jennifer’s path into the cannabis industry examining and formulating products for external and internal use.