The Pain Releaf Lotion Testimonials are coming in…

Yesterday, I received my first testimonial for my newest product Pain Releaf Lotion.  This unsolicited review was posted on my Facebook Book page.

I personally live with back and joint pain, knowing all to well what it feels like to be functioning below my personal best. Pain can indeed take away the joy in life and leave us feeling damaged, broken and without hope for the future. And while we are going through our pain and struggles, it is difficult to remember that others are experiencing the same type of pain and frustration and also trying to find ANY solution to help themselves feel better.

This testimonial submission describes a 15 year struggle that is difficult to imagine and yet is all to common. Unfortunately, most products on the market today are full of dangerous, synthetic chemicals, fillers and usually do not live up to their claims. I much prefer to have my customers tell you about my products and how they worked for them. This testimonial almost made me cry.

Here is what Bill had to say about the Pain Releaf Lotion

“My wife, Ana, trained as a ballroom and salsa dancer, and competed when we met 25 years ago. 15 years ago her health and activity declined.  She was diagnosed with Lupus and Fibromyalgia.

Within a few years she could hardly function beyond going to work.  She would come home and remain there far more often then not.

We tried and researched everything,; expensive and ineffective supplements like Pain Factor and Pain Relief.  We used gallons of Bengay, and far too much liver damaging Ibuprofen, all to minimal effect, particularly amid severe flare ups.  The disease is really rather akin to losing a spouse.

Two weeks ago we tried the Pain Relief Lotion and the Hand and Foot Rub.  Ana was astounded almost instantly as nearly all of her pain was alleviated, naturally.  This week, after nearly a dozen years since she and I had danced together,  Ana ordered a pair of dance shoes.  Her mood is better, she sleeps through the night and I now feel I have my best friend back after so many years…”     WC Turck


Restoring a best friend and a new pair of dance shoes! I’ll take that and dance for them.

Learn more about this newest addition to my all natural skincare body product line .  Check out the full details about my new Pain Releaf Lotion


You can read all of the product testimonials here on our Facebook page

If you feel like you or someone you know could benefit from the Pain Releaf Lotion, please use coupon code FEELBETTER to receive a 20% discount on your entire order. I would love to hear you. Please share your comments and feedback.

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Jennifer Kay Ford is the Founder & Chief Formulator of HumanKind Skincare. As a licensed Neuromuscular therapist, Complex Decongestive Therapist and Esthetician, she has personally treated a range of skin conditions from Radiation burns, Psoriasis, Hyperkeratosis, Cystic Acne etc. This work paved Jennifer’s path into the cannabis industry examining and formulating products for external and internal use.