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All Natural, Hemp-based Skincare Products

All Natural, Hemp-based Skincare

Our Latest All Natural, Hemp-based Skincare Product

Every HumanKind Skincare Product Has A Purpose

Here's why this newest all natural, hemp-based skincare product was created!

All Natural, Hemp-based Skincare

The ​Pain Problem

​So many of us (myself included) live with pain that erodes the quality of our daily lives. Most of the choices we have to minimize the pain  are toxic and harmful to our bodies.  

pain erodes the quality of our daily lives.

​The Pain Problem​

As I learned more about the ​anti-inflammatory ​advantages of cannabinoids and each ones unique properties, I became interested in what were the building blocks (molecules) that provided the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits.

​A Single Full-Body Solution

How could I pack as many anti-inflammatory botanicals into just one product?
​I discovered that Terpenes are the building blocks of Cannabinoids​. By adding specific Terpenes  and essential oils that also contain those same specific terpenes, I could truly create an all-natural, pain relieving topical that had no harmful side effects and would really work!

I am happy and proud to introduce my new ​Pain Releaf Lotion.
All Natural, Hemp-based Skincare

Introducing  Our New Pain Releaf Lotion

Pain Releaf Lotion is nature's best and most
powerful anti-inflammatory botanical fusion.

The Secret To Our Success

Our Label says it all!

​We Have No Secrets

The Truth is, ​We Have No Secrets

  • We believe you have a right to be an informed consumer.
  • We believe you have a right to expect the best that Nature has to offer.
  • Every HumanKind SKincare product has a​ purpose.
  • Every ingredient ​is active and serves a specific function.
  • HumanKind Skincare products contain no fillers​ or inactive ingredients.
  • HumanKind Skincare products do not contain synthetic or toxic chemicals
  • Our ingredients are sustainably produced and thoughtfully sourced.
  • We are committed to accurate, truthful labeling​.
  • Our products are packaged in glass to protect the integrity of the products.
  • We are eco-friendly and choose to minimize our impact on the env​ironment.​​​
  • ​We publish our Natural Skincare Ingredients Glossary ​​for your information.

​Please recycle!

All Natural, Hemp-based Skincare

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